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SeaWorld® Orlando Shows

Believe: The Sensational Shamu Show

At the heart of every being lies the spirit of wonder. Feel it come to life in the most sensational show ever. Believe. A captivating and visually stunning Shamu show the will transport your heart to the edge of wonder.

Believe blends new killer whale behaviors with elaborate set pieces, state of the art multimedia, music and choreography. This inspirational new show also accentuates the close relationship SeaWorld trainers have with the killer whales, and will amaze you with a series of exciting new behaviors See The Video Here


Clyde and Seamore (take pirate island)

Take a break for laughter and watch Clyde and Seamore Take Pirate Island

A swashbuckling adventure awaits you…Featuring a sensational tale of lost loot, pirate plunder and misadventure on the high seas.

SeaWorld's comical flippered family teams up on the most elaborate and realistic sea lion set ever built to offer more guest interaction. Hilarious hi jinks ensue as the parks talented seal lions, otters and walrus play along to the members of the stranded pirate ship search for buried treasure.

Click here for youtube videos


Blue Horizons: breakthrough theatrical spectacular.

Acrobatic dolphins, soaring birds and amazing stunt actors in a show about where the sea meets the sky.

SeaWorld Orlando debuts a a new genre of entertainment with the opening of Blue Horizons. The breakthrough theatrical spectacular unites the sea with visions of Broadway.

A young girls vivid imagination set the stage for an extravaganza of dolphins, false killer whales and a rainbow of exotic birds, including blue and gold macaws, sun conjures and an Andean condor. In a show filled with action both above and below water.

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Shamu Rocks

Shamu Rocks the World as a rock and roll concert staring SeaWorld killer whales.

This seasonal show is a rock n roll show of unprecedented proportions combining combining improvisational movements of killer whales with music remixed with some of the hottest rock n roll stars in the industry.

Shamu Rocks is a seasonal show. Come join our shining stars in a high energy rock n roll extravaganza and night time killer whale show.

Please note that this Seasonal show is usually performed during SeaWorld AfterDark and holiday seasons. Please check before you book! See the Youtube videos here


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