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SeaWorld® Orlando Animal Attractions

Wild Artic
An ecosystem of icy walls and nearly 900,000 gallons of man-made seawater is home to polar bears, walruses, beluga whales, harbor seals and trout. For the thrill seekers, try Wild Artic, the adventure ride.

Clydesdale Hamlet
Home to SeaWorld’s world-famous Budweiser Clydesdales. Guests can watch as the majestic eight-horse hitch is meticulously prepared for parades through the park. During daily posing and petting sessions guests can also have their photo taken with a Clydesdale.



Manatees Rescue


Explore the beautiful underwater world of the endangered Florida manatee. All of the manatees in this habitat have been rescued by SeaWorld’s animal rescue team, and those who become healthy enough will be returned to their natural habitat.

Pacific Point Preserve
The 2½-acre naturalistic setting duplicates the rocky Northern Pacific coast and is home to California sea lions and harbor seals.



Shark Encounter
Takes guests underwater, surrounded by spine-chilling denizens of the deep, including eels, barracuda, venomous fish, and sharks. The 60-foot shark tunnel in SeaWorld's Terrors of the Deep attraction is formed of acrylic panels weighing up to 5,000 pounds each and able to support the pressure of more than 500 tons of water.

Dolphin Nursery
A popular exhibit that is home to new dolphin moms and calves.

Dolphin Cove
Atlantic bottlenose dolphins make their home in a 700,000 gallon lagoon located in Key West at SeaWorld.

Penguin Encounter

An icy home to more than 200 penguins and puffins, and features four species of penguins: king, gentoo, chinstrap and rockhopper. The air is a chilly 30 degrees and the water an icy 45 degrees. Six thousand pounds of snow fall daily inside the naturalistic habitat, which is reminiscent of the primitive Antarctic with its rocky cliffs and icy waters.

Guests ride a 120-ft. long moving walkway through the frozen wonderland to watch the playful birds cavort both above, and under, the water.

SeaWorld thrills in a new mega-attraction that combines up-close animal encounters with an innovative flying coaster.



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